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My creative practice includes solo projects, collaborative work, artists workshops, prop and costume making. By clicking on the images in the themed pages you can find more information about the projects which are listed below.

My work questions the norm and is intended to entertain, making use of familia materials, remodelled and reimagined. Subject matter is discovered through research into collections and archives. With collaborative work we engage with communities and present responses to questions and encourage conversations.


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Manchester Metropolitan University 

MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Selected Projects

'Hat Antics' Hat Works Luton and Hat Works Museum Stockport. A series of hat artworks Hat Antics shows hat artworks inspired by a playful delve into the collections of Wardown House Museum, Luton, and Hat Works, Stockport. Luton November 2023 - January 2024 Stockport February 2024
'#InstructionsToLiveBy' PSU (Preston Street Union) A project started on Zoom, progressed to bill posting riso-prints on the streets of Exeter with hand written messages finishing with a performance in Exeter Library interacting with members of the pubic. December 2020, June 2021, January 2023
SERGE/SURGE' and 'Anyone my come and go' RAMM commission with PSU (Preston Street Union) Performance with a roll of red serge cloth at 4 places around Exeter City Walls. Part 2 performance and installation in the museum folding, packing the cloth and exhibiting a commissioned tillet block. May 2019 & February 2020
'Galleries R Us' PSU (Preston Street Union) project for AWE (Art Week Exeter). Members formed a portable artspace featuring micro- commissions from Nick Davies, Lucia Harley, Laura Hopes and Pete Kingston. May 2018 


‘This Book Belongs to……’ Projection and installation featuring recycled books. Organic Arts as part of Devon Open Studios. West Town Farm. September 2017


’Soul Searching ll’ Shoe Artwork Trail in Shop windows and a Pop-Up Shoe Museum using donated exhibits from the local community. AWE(Art Week Exeter) Boat Shed. May 2017


’Random Art Machine’ PSU (Preston Street Union) project for AWE (Art Week Exeter). Collaborative live art creation and installation with input from the public. PS45 Gallery. May 2017


‘5 Bridges and a Waffle’ PSU (Preston Street Union) project for AWE (Art Week Exeter).

Public walk including performance and refreshments with guest artists Tony Whitehead and Juneau Projects. Exeter Quay. May 2017


‘US CHAPS’ and ‘Bookmarks’ PSU (Preston Street Union) projects for Art Week Exeter (AWE). Postcard artwork exhibition with Cannon Hill Art School, Birmingham. Librarian performance and installation of artist’s bookmarks in Exeter Library. May 2016. 


‘Strings and Sequences’ A series of drawings and small scale sculptures inspired by a collection of Mathematical Solids for the group show ‘Illegitimate Objects’. Maths Institute Oxford. September - November 2015


‘Sole Searching’ An exhibition of 10 shoe artworks inspired by the Clarks collection and archive. Installation in the Shoe Museum, Street, Somerset. Also part of the SAW ‘Momentum’ Festival. June - October 2015


‘Truncated Octahedron Cloches’ A series of stained glass domes following the Fibonacci scale. A collaboration with Glass Artist Anna French. Featured in the group show ‘Breaking of Tulips’ at the Botanical Gardens in Oxford. March - May 2014.


‘Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal Feasibility Study’ Installation with sound. Collaboration with Dan Cray as The Durds. Gallery 333, Phoenix Art Centre Exeter. September 2013.


‘Trip Hazards and Sharp Edges’ Performance piece for the NOSE 2013 event. (Not the Open Studios Exeter) Using hazard tape with the public sculptures in Exeter High Street. March 2013.


'Cultivate 2' Invited as collaborating artist for a show curated by Simon Lee Dicker. Gifts or Ideas were donated and artists invited to respond. Brewhouse Gallery, Taunton, April and May 2012.


'Heist' Curator with Gabrielle Hoad as Found Space. As part of the British Art Show 7 Fringe. Exploring theft in art. Also featured filming and performance. September and October 2011.


‘Nicky Hirst Interpretation’ Filming and interviewing re: commissioned artwork as part of RAMM Redevelopment. April - August 2011


‘Nexus’ Guest Curator with Gabrielle Hoad, Volkhardt Muller and Francis Ives. Each inviting 2 other artists. Exeter Phoenix, August 10.


‘Stowage’ Curator and Exhibitor with Gabrielle Hoad as Found Space. 25 Artists using Sweet Shop Jars, exhibited in Shop Windows on Fore Street and New Bridge Street, Exeter April 2010 and Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield, June 10.


‘The Difference Between Big and Small, and Near and Far Away’ - Installation Piece produced with Daniel Cray and Janet Griffiths for ‘Rearranging Formulae’. Exhibited at 03 Gallery, Oxford, March 10 and Oxford University Press, October 10


‘Living Here - West of the Exe’ Video booth for living history project and event for RAMM 2009-2010.


‘Launderette Show’ - The Durds. Performance with Daniel Cray and Janet Griffiths for Didsbury Arts Festival, Gudrun Launderette, Manchester. September 09


‘Summerhouse’ - Film. May 09


‘Hazard: in the Woods’ - Performance film. May 09


‘Deep Fat Frying Socks’ - The Durds. Performance with Daniel Cray and Janet Griffiths for Artranspennine, Islington Mill, Salford. September 08


‘Ironing Bacon’ - The Durds. Performance with Daniel Cray and Janet Griffiths for Arthouse, Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester. May 08


‘Harsh Barton’ - Video for Musician Daniel Cray. June 08


‘Shed Art for Shed People’ - An installation of visual and audio work shown as part of Devon Art Works. September 07

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