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Collaboration - PSU (Preston Street Union)

‘Serge/Surge’ May 2019 and ‘Anyone may come and go’ February 2020 Commissioned by RAMM around the theme of migration. Through a series of brief, live actions SERGE/SURGE considered the constant flow of people, artefacts and ideas using Exeter’s historic wool trade as a source of inspiration and the city wall as a site for performance and interaction. For part 2 Preston Street Union (PSU) with woodcarver Saena Ku produced a contemporary woodblock for a tillet wrapper to package the red serge used in the performance. The title words ‘anyone may come and go’ are proclaimed during Exeter’s contemporary Lammas Day procession.

'Galleries R Us' PSU project for AWE (Art Week Exeter). Artists formed gallery spaces for micro residences. May 2018

’Random Art Machine’ PSU project for AWE (Art Week Exeter). Collaborative live art creation and installation with input from the public. PS45 Gallery. May 2017

‘5 Bridges and a Waffle’ PSU project for AWE (Art Week Exeter). Public walk including performance and refreshments with guest artists Tony Whitehead and Juneau Projects. Exeter Quay. May 2017

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